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The Pre-School is a purpose built facility in the Ballybough Community and Youth Service on Ballybough Road (See map below). We cater for 30 children who are aged approximately 2 ½ to under 5 years. Room 1 has capacity for 14 children aged from 2 ½. Room 2 caters for 16 children in the older age range until their transition to primary school. In the Pre-School, children are supported to learn to be part of a group and to develop key skills of independence and self-reliance. Our programme focuses on play as a method to encourage curiosity and a sense of mastery over a range of materials. We use open-ended play materials such as playdough, painting, sand and water to support the child’s confidence and ability.
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Tel: 01-8099001
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Location: Ballybough Community Centre, 49 Ballybough Rd, Ballybough, Dublin 3

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Our Programme
We use music and movement to develop verbal and physical ability and storytelling sessions for both individuals and groups to promote communication and language skills. Blocks and construction equipment help the child to understand size, shape, height and depth. We offer lots of opportunities for imaginary and creative play, through art and craft materials, role play and a home corner area. We use our outdoor area every day (weather permitting) as an extension of the playrooms. Outdoor play helps the children to develop not just physical skills but also social skills. To help the children get used to the written word, books are freely available. We help develop and build language skills through storytelling, rhymes and songs. Mealtimes are recognised as an important aid in a child developing good social skills. We have a self-service trolley where the children learn to set their placemat, serve themselves and tidy up after their meals.