• 57-58 North Strand Road, Dublin 3 |
  • Tel: 01 836 5544 |

Among the services we offer are:

  1. A Job Club to equip people prepare for employment
  2. Information and support on self-employment
  3. A Crèche & Pre-School facility
  4. Community education programme

The Larkin Centre operates as a Social Enterprise, working in the social economy but without a trading dimension. Our services are supported by statutory funding and are based on community development principles and practices. The Larkin Centre has evolved organically and has grown its service provision in response to local needs. We work in partnership with the statutory sector and complement the activities of these agencies to address gaps in services in the promotion of social inclusion.

The Larkin Centre provides employment opportunities and essential care services via labour market activation programmes such as Community Employment, Jobs Initiative and the Community Services Programme. As a not-for-profit organisation and a community Early Years provider, the Larkin Centre has secured capital funding and staffing subventions in order to offer tiered pricing based on parents’ ability to pay. We are committed to the ‘whole’ person and to providing ongoing support for people to progress in training, education and employment and ensuring the community is involved.

The social outcomes we seek are:

  1. Providing essential, affordable and targeted services that are not provided by the private sector
  2. Providing employment opportunities
  3. Providing practical interventions to support small business development
  4. Providing innovative education and training programmes to build social wellbeing, employability and community capacity
  5. Engaging with those in the community that are most at risk and catering to their very specific needs
  6. Responding to a diversity of needs that would not otherwise be met
  7. Supporting the delivery of statutory programmes on the ground
  8. Committed to achieving social justice for all
  9. Equipped with the experience, competence and determination to contribute to the social and economic development of Dublin City.

The Larkin Centre is a company limited by guarantee and is managed by a voluntary Board of Management. The Centre is a FETAC registered provider of QQI accredited education programmes.