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Register for ROS - Business Customers and Practitioners

Who can apply to become a ROS Customer?
  • 1. Any individual or entity with an Irish tax registration number already registered for a business tax e.g. Income Tax, VAT or Employers PAYE.
    Individuals who are registered for PAYE or LPT only should register for myAccount
  • 2. Tax practitioners with a valid TAIN number
  • 3. LPT Receivers with a valid Receiver number

Click on the steps below to start or continue the registration process

For people who are already registered on Revenue’s ‘my account’ you should register for ROS ‘self-employed’ through the ‘my account’ system.
If you are not registered on ‘my account’ you will have to register on ‘my account’ in order to then register for a ROS ‘self-employed’ account.

My account Registration

Invalid / Forgotten Password or
Lost / Expired Certificate

Use this Reset ROS Login option if you are the ROS Administrator and your Profile including Security Questions is up to date.